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ICS designs, programs, and assembles UL698 and UL1203 control panels for a wide range of industries and applications.

ICS Online Inc, can provide custom programming, modifications, and startup of PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems from a wide range of manufacturers including Automation Direct, Allen Bradley, GE, IDEC, Inductive Automation, Modicon, Omron, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, and Siemens. ICS can build control panels and provide SCADA systems per your design and specification or we can design something completely customized to meet your functional requirements and budget. Whether it’s a new product you are trying to build a prototype control panel for or an existing tank farm that you will need 600+ control panels built for, you can rest assured that ICS can deliver the highest quality control panels on time and on budget. Why? Because ICS has done it before!

If you are an OEM trying to build your own control panels, give ICS a chance to provide a complete estimate free of charge. Between our smart designs, dedicated professional team of manufacturing technicians, automated manufacturing process and global buying, in most cases, it makes sense to let ICS design and build for you.

For Electrical Contractors and OEM’s if you need to a custom solution to meet a public works specification let ICS be part of the bidding process with you. By teaming up and providing ICS with Specifications and Contract Drawings, ICS can limit your liability by providing you a number that you can use and that ICS will stand behind.

For Industrial Electrical and Automation Equipment Suppliers, if you need help integrating a product, programming, incorporating into a control panel, or simply need help commissioning a control system for one of your clients. Let ICS assist you.

By incorporating remote access into your automation equipment design ICS can provide remote start-up and commissioning, ICS can get the job done.



Partnership with an integrator is becoming increasingly important in assuring the success of a manufacturer’s automation projects.  ICS Online Inc. delivers your custom designed, built and installed systems faster and better from a single source, avoiding the risk of obsolete specifications, ambiguous responsibilities and defective design change orders.

ICS Online is a systems integrator and UL508A panel shop. We are regularly engaged in the design and the installation of industrial systems and their associated subsystems as they are applied to a variety of industries. ICS can supply state-of-the-art control and automation for virtually any application.


High Speed Bottling

Beer / Wine / Soft Drinks / Water

Consumer Products

High Speed Packaging


Logistics and Warehousing

Food Processing and Packaging

Fresh Fruit / Vegetable


Ground Water Remediation

Reservoir Management

Municipal Fresh Water / Storm Water / Waste Water Industry / Water Treatment / Well Site Monitoring / Lift Station

Power Generation


Natural Gas




Medical Devices

Microbiology Research


Clean Room / Environmental Controls

Wet Process

Assembly Packaging

Life Safety

Toxic Gas

Chemical Systems


ICS’s capabilities

Interested in ICS’s capabilities in a certain industry? We have experience in a wide variety of fields, so call us now and see if we can help you with your requirements.  Industries include but are not limited to the following:

Power Generation, Hydro, Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, Energy

Control Systems for Power Generation, Hydro, Natural Gas and Energy

Beverage / Food

Control Systems for Food and Beverage Industry

Water Treatment Plants, Utilities

Water Treatment Industry Online Control Systems

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