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Over the past 20+ years, ICS has successfully provided Industrial Control Systems to a variety of OEMS, End users and Municipalities throughout the world.

ICS builds control panels for large corporate Electrical Equipment Suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Electrical Contractors and Municipalities 

ICS has designed, programmed and built control panels and SCADA systems used in Conveyor and Plant Line Control, Automotive, Process Control, Food Processing, Packaging, Water, Beverage, and Wine Bottling, Wine Making, Automated Guided Vehicles route control and monitoring, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Water Treatment, Filter Systems, Reverse Osmosis, Hypochlorite Generation, Chemical Dosing, Lift Stations, Transportation and Safety, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Energy generation including Gas, Solar, Wind, Steam, and Hydro Electric Main Boards and Station PLC systems.


What We Do


We can design a cost effective solution without sacrificing quality of functionality.


Under the supervision of our experienced Engineers and our highly trained production staff, we can assemble Industrial 508A, 698A, and 1203 Control Panels to meet your specifications.


With exceptional knowledge in areas of HMI, PAC, PLC, and SCADA programming, ICS has the capability to program systems from a variety of manufacturers.


Equipment shall be designed and installed to contract documents and P&ID’s. Items provided to include a Bill of Materials, Specifications Sheets, Factory Acceptance Tests and or O&M manuals individually tailored to every project.


ICS can provide design and construction management services, by supervising the installation of electrical control systems and instrumentation. We are able to trouble shoot, start-up and commission.


Want continued maintenance support? We offer service plans for ongoing support for both onsite and remote.


We Create UL508A Control Panels

ICS Online is committed to delivering material and services on time. We specialize with prototype development of OEM Control Panels for both large and small customers. We easily adhere to customer demands and feel capable of exacting the needs required of us. Our staff is diligently committed to assure our product meets your deadlines.

Get Started

Control Panel Upgrade & Troubleshooting

We can upgrade control panels, and redesign them for a UL508, 698A, and 1203 listing. Our troubleshooting experience ensures that you can have your control panel up and running in the shortest time possible.

Ask Us For Help

We welcome your request for help.  That is our business and we strive to be efficient and responsive so that your time is not wasted.

On-Site Troubleshooting & Support

Our technicians will go to your site, equipped with all the necessary tools, to troubleshoot your control panel quickly and efficiently.  We offer a flexible and complete system support program, from telephone to full on-site maintenance.

Program Modification / Verification

Once the issue is identified and repaired, we will test to verify that all functions work as they should.

Our Support Guarantee

Our total and uncompromising support is guaranteed throughout the life cycle of our systems.

Collaborative and Coordinated Control System Design

Collaborative & Coordinated Design

Customers are ensured a collaborative design with streamlined communications and a well-coordinated construction effort so that we can deliver a product that best meets your needs.

Fulfilling Functional Requirements

ICS Online, Inc. provides turnkey project results utilizing a combination of electgrical design, programming and panel design building experience.

Staying on Schedule

We understand how important it is to deliver a system on time and according to your schedule requirements.

Staying Within Budget

An extensive network of industry-recognized suppliers allows ICS to utilize quality yet cost-effective products to build fully integrated solutions to all of your control panel needs.

Our Engineering Services

The engineering services we provide our clients have proven time and again to be a very effective approach.  Whether clients need new systems or an upgrade of an existing one, we deliver.

Control Panel Design

Proper installation support is provided per design specification ensuring that the system is built correctly.

Testing & Analysis

Thorough testing and analysis is performed before sign off on your project.  We understand the importance of making sure that all functional requirements work as required.

Installation Support

When your control panel system needs a new part, we carry parts and components as a back up in the event of a part or component failure.

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